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       Whenever my gutters need work, the professional crew that comes out always does a splendid job. They ensure everything is spotless afterward, making the service truly worth it!    
E. Plint10/07/2024

       Throughout the job, the cleaner maintained a courteous demeanor and efficient work ethic.    
Keith Scott18/12/2023

        Cleaning Richmond promise deep cleaning and they mean it. Boy, I can't believe the job they did on our apartment. As newlyweds, we certainly don't want to spend our free time doing chores. We like to get out and enjoy each other's company. This team deep cleaned everything. I'm seriously impressed.    
Dirk U. 28/10/2016

       I tried Richmond Cleaners to see if their office cleaning service was what I'd been looking for my office. Luckily, their hardworking and polite cleaners did everything I'd been hoping for, and I even saved a little money with this service too!     
Martha D.14/10/2015

       Our student houses need cleaning regularly because many of our tenants don't chip in and do their bit. I wanted a cleaning company who would go round regularly and clean the kitchens and bathroom in each of them and CleanersRichmond do just that and more. They bring their own cleaning materials and give all of our student properties a thorough and proper clean. Every time a tenancy ends the cleaning is done after the tenants have left and we can immediately re-let the house. This might not be possible without these cleaners and I would definitely recommend them to others.    

       One off cleaning can be a big job. In our case it was huge. We had a whole building to clear out and get clean before the new owners took ownership of it. So we contacted our usual cleaners from CleanersRichmond and they gave us a great quote. We knew they would do the job well as they have done similar work for us in the past and always at the right price. The building looked fantastic when they were finished and I am sure the new owners will be as pleased with this cleaning service as we have been!    
Jemima Q.09/10/2014

       We recently had a really bad case of mildew in the bathroom and I didn't want to take a chance with homemade cleaning solutions and regular scrubbing. These things can really get out of hand if they're not treated quickly. I'd heard a lot of great things about CleanersRichmond and their domestic cleaning services. Gave them a ring, asked for price quotes for a standard bathroom cleaning project and fixed up a date and time. These guys are so easy to work with: all I had to do was give them my address and settle on a time. And the mildew? Completely removed!    

       CleanersRichmond really are the best in the business when it comes to cleaning. I've always been sceptical, thinking I could do a better job myself but I soon realized I was wrong. Now I have had such a fab experience with my cleaner, I know who to turn to when I need my house cleaned. It doesn't matter what the situation is, my cleaner always gives me 100% in terms of effort and result, I can't believe how clean my house looks now!    
Simone F.04/09/2014

       I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say the cleaners from CleanersRichmond transform the cleanliness of my home. Upstairs and downstairs the place is looking fantastic, as good as it's ever been and, quite frankly, I'm glad I never had to do the work myself. I use this company on a regular basis now and have the same cleaner come every week. I know she's going to do a good job, fantastic job actually and it just gives me that little bit of extra help I need at the moment around the house. There are also very flexible because a couple of times I've had to change the times and date of the cleaning visit at the last minute and this hasn't been a problem.    
Leonore B. 13/08/2014

       We have a great many people coming through the town hall every year, and I am always surprised that we manage to keep it as clean and tidy as we do. It is all down to CleanersRichmond who are vitally important in terms of ensuring that there is nothing amiss in the way in which we have the place seen to. They are excellent at being discreet, and have always had the place looking amazing without ever being in the way of the public who come through here.    
Harold Long31/07/2014

       I'm a pretty messy person by nature. Especially in the kitchen, when I clean I just can't help but to make a huge mess everywhere and then after I've eaten I don't really fancy cleaning up. Although I just throw everything in the dishwasher, the counters and hobs are still really dirty and I wouldn't know how to deal with that even if I wanted to. I called CleanersRichmond to see if one of their cleaners could come and give me a hand a few times a week and they sent someone over and they did exactly that. A great service.    

       I was getting too old to juggle work, babysitting the grandchildren and cleaning the house. I was given the number and name of a local cleaning company that my sister had used on several occasions. CleanersRichmond were friendly from my first call. I was given a reasonable quote and a description of what the work involved. I was opting for a general cleaning service that covered jobs that were getting too much for me such as the vacuuming, scrubbing the tiled floors and polishing. All I can say is that the work I have had done has been done to an exceptionally high standard.    
Raymond Bishop12/06/2014

       My small work place was beginning to look untidy and unkempt so I decided to hire some extra help. I had noticed a new company in the area and got in touch. CleanersRichmond were a great bunch. The call centre gave me all the details of the different services they had available and their rates. I was surprised how affordable the cleaning was, so booked a date straight away. The team turned up on time in a smart uniform with all of the equipment. They set about cleaning the place and attended to every little detail, skirting boards, under the desks, chairs, light switches, as well as general duties. They did a fantastic job.    
Don Boone26/05/2014

       I would like to announce that I am extremely pleased with my cleaning company. They are called CleanersRichmond and they are excellent at what they do. My home always feels lovely and clean when they have been over, and I often feel like they are shortchanging themselves by working so fast, as I only pay them by the hour! I have therefore come on here to tell everyone that they should be using them, to make up for this imbalance in generosity! I hope it works...    
Matthew Griffin14/05/2014

       If you are looking for an excellent cleaning team for your house, then you should try out CleanersRichmond who I use. They really are the best that I have ever encountered, and I will never bother with anyone else now that I know how great they are. In an ideal world, I would have my place cleaned every day, but I can only afford to do it once a week. That said, the prices are good, and the cleaning is great, so it's well worth it in my opinion! I'd get them round to try out, I think you will be pretty impressed!    
Eleanor Ellis29/04/2014

       Thank you to my wonderful cleaner, who visits me every third Thursday of the month and gives my home a very meticulous clean. I have been using the same cleaner for 3 years now and I have not once had a single complaint on any of the visits. Everything is completed on time, quickly and to the highest of high standards. I never fail to make the coffee and often my lovely cleaner will bring a small cake or two to share! A fantastic advert for CleanersRichmond, if every cleaner is like mine I am sure they an incredibly successful cleaning service.    

       The key thing for me about hiring in professional cleaners was that it saved me time. It used to be that I wasted so long every week cleaning this and that, making sure that everything was done to a certain standard. I missed out on so much and I was exhausted. After a few weeks with CleanersRichmond, however, I don't think I'll ever go back. They clean everything properly and it really makes a difference when it comes to finding those extra few hours in the week. And my house is so clean now. Huge thanks, really good cleaners.    
Howard 19/03/2014

       Without wanting to sound like I am being over the top, CleanersRichmond are the perfect cleaning service! What more could you want from a company who have an impeccable record of being prompt, discreet, diligent and excellent at cleaning? On top of all that, they are really very reasonably priced, which certainly makes things a little sweeter, no matter who you are! I have them round every week or so, and it makes such a difference to how the house feels that I could not do without them nowadays!    
H. Carlson05/03/2014

       CleanersRichmond was a great choice for cleaning services. My neighbour recommended them to me as she had used them for her home cleaning in the past. She said they were reliable and efficient but they offered affordable cleaning prices. I was hesitant at first as I had cleaned my house for so many years, but decided to give them a call. I was immediately pleased with my decision. They proved to be a professional company with years of expertise under their belt. Their cleaning staff are trustworthy and knowledgeable about cleaning agents. I was so happy with my decision to hire them as my cleaning staff.    
Laura O.18/02/2014

       I don't write reviews usually, but I was so impressed with how CleanersRichmond helped me with my household cleaning I just couldn't resist thanking them! My partner and I are both too lazy to bother with the cleaning since we both work six days a week, but this cleaning company has provided us with the answer we were looking for! Our home always looks immaculate now and this is a really affordable service too. I'll never go back to doing my own chores again. I love this cleaning company! Thank you for always doing such a great job!    

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