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When To Clean Before Leaving? When To Clean Before Leaving? 05 April 2014

When it comes to leaving a home, figuring out how to handle the cleaning at the end of your lease can be one of the great unanswered questions. With so many options, and with so much importance being placed on leaving a property in the best possible condition, when is the best point during the moving process in which to make sure that you have accomplished the cleaning to the best of your abilities. Leaving a clean apartment or house can ensure that the full deposit is returned to you, with many landlord’s advising that cleaning a property might well be the best option for those who wish to leave in the most amicable fashion possible. The first, and perhaps the most obvious, solution is provided throughout your entire stay, rather than in just one particular time frame. By making sure that the property is always kept as clean as possible, even in terms of deep cleaning, then you can dramatically reduce your work load when it comes to moving out, as well as enjoying all of the benefits of a clean home. You don’t even have to do the cleaning yourself, as a regular household cleaner can be a fantastic means of keeping a tidy household without having to lift a finger yourself. For some people, however, the best solution is to clean the entire house in the last few moment in which you are in the property. With everything packed up and gone, it can be easy to reach those tough spots which had previously presented a problem and cleaning an empty house can often be far easier than cleaning a full one. With so little to get in your way, you might well find that the cleaning process is accelerated greatly compared to the time you might have assumed it would take. However, this can run the risk of cutting it a bit fine and when it comes to cleaning, you will likely want to allot for the most amount of time possible rather than leaving it until the last minute, especially if you are not a professional home cleaning specialist. Another option is to begin a cleaning process before you begin to pack. In the weeks coming up to your move, you can begin to focus on certain areas of the house and draft a plan for cleaning everything over a larger time frame. This can mean that you have the time in which to do everything properly and can ensure that your property is left in the best possible condition without stressing and worrying about deadlines. However, because moving home can be such a drawn out process, it might well be that you struggle to find the time and that the cleaning gets in the way of other, more important tasks. If you have not already begun to clean by the time you begin to pack, handling the two tasks in tandem might be an excellent idea. House cleaning can be easier when you can just clean something and then put it straight into a box, freeing up space and removing the worry of making sure that everything is returned to where you found it. However, there can be issues when it comes to the more difficult jobs, of figuring out where your priorities lies, which can lead to things being accidently skipped. If you find that you are getting side-tracked with the whole process of moving home, then it could well be beneficial to hire a professional end of lease cleaning agency. By bringing in the professionals, you allow yourself the time to focus on packing, whilst still ensuring that you leave the best possible standard of cleanliness behind.

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