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Products To Use On Your Hardwood Flooring Products To Use On Your Hardwood Flooring 27 June 2014

Taking care of hardwood flooring can be quite a difficult task, especially when you’re dealing with stains and spills. Hardwood floors need a lot of care and attention to keep them looking their best, and if you use the wrong products to clean your floor then you could cause a massive problem! Using the wrong product can result in serious issues, including staining, tarnishing, scratching and even rot! If you want to make sure that your hardwood floors are properly cared for then you need to use the right products – these tips will help you when it comes to finding what it is you need for your floor! 1)    Removing marks.Your hardwood floor probably sees a lot of action, which greatly increases the chances of marking or even just getting dirt on your floors. If you have a dirt mark to clean then you don’t have to worry! Simply dampen a clean cloth and blot at the mark until it begins to lift. This might take a while, but act quickly and you’ll see great results! Never use boiling water to blot at your floor as this can cause damage! You also want to make sure you’re not using too much water, as this can seep into the floor and cause mould and rot. If you want to use a cleaning agent then you need to buy a cleaning spray that’s suitable for use on hardwood flooring. Use this sparingly to avoid ruining the wood. 2)    Getting rid of dust and dirt.Dust and dirt can age your hardwood flooring and make it look unloved and unclean. Avoid this happening to your floors by vacuuming on a regular basis. You might be under the impression that hardwood floors should be swept to avoid dust, but this can in fact make the problem worse. Sweeping the dust and dirt away can cause it to fall in-between the slats, crevices and natural wood formations of your floor. Vacuuming is a much better alternative! Be wary of using attachment heads and nozzles when vacuuming your hardwood floor, as these can scratch the surface, causing permanent damage. 3)    Preventing scratches.Scratches can really sully the appearance of your hardwood floors, so why not do what you can to prevent them from happening? Place rugs in your home and you can keep high-traffic areas free from dirt and the possibility of scratches. Purchase felt contacts to place underneath the feet of your furniture if you’re moving it around – never drag anything across a hardwood floor! 4)    Cleaning equipment.Using the right cleaning equipment is just as essential as using the right products, and if you have hardwood floors in your home then it’s worth investing in the right cleaning equipment for the job. Although you shouldn’t mop your floor with a standard mop, a microfiber cleaning mop is ideal for thoroughly cleaning your floor without causing any damage. You should also be using a vacuum cleaner that’s powerful enough to lift dust from even the tightest crack, and use the right attachment (or none at all) when vacuuming. Microfiber cloths are ideal to lift dirt from the floor too, so make sure you always have a supply in your home! 5)    Hiring professional help.If you don’t have the time to clean your hardwood floor or if you’re struggling with a particularly bad problem then you might want to hire professional cleaners. Ask around for recommendations or have a look online to find experienced cleaners who can keep your floor looking its best!

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