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Ensuring That You Are Cleaning Effectively Ensuring That You Are Cleaning Effectively 09 May 2014

Whilst you may well feel like you spend a lot of your time cleaning, there is little point in doing so if you are not doing a great job every time! You will need to ensure that you are able to get on with the work in a way that is both efficient and effective, as otherwise you are simply wasting your time! The fact of the matter is that there is a great deal that can be done to both ensure that you are cleaning effectively as well as efficiently, and if you are ignoring them then it is likely that you are undergoing a fair amount of work band stress with the household chores unnecessarily. In order to ensure that you are getting these things done in the best way possible, and with the least effort possible, consider the following factors for cleaning success.First off, make sure that your tools are correct for the job, and that they are always on hand to give you a great clean. There is little point in having a massive industrial hoover for a small flat, and there is little use in having a small vacuum cleaner for a mansion. You need to think carefully about what it is about your cleaning equipment that bothers you or slows you down, and then change it. If your plastic bucket always breaks and spills water, then get a sturdy metal one. If the cord on your vacuum cleaner always gets stuck on the sofa legs, then get a cordless one! This stuff sounds simple, but it is often over looked, and can save you a whole load of effort in the long run!Next, think about the way in which you clean. There is a lot to be said to dividing up the chores in to separate sections, so that you are not worrying about lumping them in together at the weekend. Dividing the jobs up across the week will mean that you spend less time at any one time doing the house work, which will be less stressful over all. You should think carefully about being fully stocked at all time with cleaning products and equipment, as finding that you don’t have the right cleaning products to hand when you want to get something done means that the job will be left until you next go to the shops!If you are the sort that finds that certain parts of the cleaning are more difficult than others, then you should think about how you can change that. Many people struggle with soap scum in the bath, or lime scale on the taps. There are easy to do pre treatments that will make the cleaning of both of these things a lot more easy, and you should always be thinking about how you can apply such things to other areas of the house. For soap scum, run a hot bath with your preferred cleaning product, so that the water covers all of the scum. Do your scrubbing with the water still in the bath, and then flush out all of the dirt and residue when you remove the plug hole. With lime scale, apply vinegar and wrap it up with cling film so that it stays in place, and leave it over night. By the morning, you will be able to simply wipe the lime scale away, as the acid will have eaten through it all, making the job an easy one!

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