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End of Tenancy Cleaning: Managing a Move and a Clean End of Tenancy Cleaning: Managing a Move and a Clean 16 October 2014

Moving home is one of the toughest tasks you can tackle. It is a complicated process that begins weeks before the actual move, in which you spend time planning and researching the process. You will have to make sure you know what you need and what you have to do before you even lift your first box, not to mention sort out your goods thoroughly. You will have to wrap up everything in protective material and then you can start packing properly. Carrying heavy items is tough and you will need adequate transport to ensure they safely and successfully get to your new address. This can be too much for some people to handle as it is, so when end of tenancy cleaning comes into play, things will go worse. Giving your home a thorough clean can seem like a hassle but it must be done. Cleaning your entire home top to bottom before you leave is done so that it is ready for any new owners, and because you would expect such a courtesy, it must be completed. If you want some help on how to manage this and your move, read on. End of lease cleaning will usually be no different from a through house clean and in fact, it can be easier. This will probably be the case if you begin early on, at least a week before the day of your move. This happens because most of your goods will be packed away so it will be easier to get into every inch and recess of your home to ensure a complete result. Leaving the clean a too close to the move can result in you managing too much at once so it must be avoided. Planning the process carefully will help you keep on track. Write up a schedule so that you know what chores have to be done and what rooms need to be cleaned. Assign times and specific days to each task so that you will have adequate time, not need to rush and can plan for areas that may take longer than others may. Assigns different task and rooms to other members of your household and things will be done quickly, without any one person having to do too much. You cannot ignore any aspect of the home cleaning process so you must be prepared of a lot of work. You must vacuum every floor in the home so that there are no crumbs or hairs. Wash every window, surface and blinds until they look as good as new. Work surfaces and the bathroom must be disinfected so no germs remain. Any items left behind must be polished and function properly and light bulbs should all be in working order. Do not forget to see to the garden, attic, basement, storage room, garage, etc, as these too will need to be cleaned and emptied. If you feel you cannot manage a move and your move outlining you should call for support. A top cleaning agency will be able to provide a team to assist you, who will tackle your cleaning chores so you can focus on the removal. Be sure to shop around or cleaning agencies to find the one right for you, you can provide what you need when and where you want it. Their cleanings services should see to everything necessary, so that you home looks perfect before you leave. Undertaking move and a clean at the same time isn’t easy, but with this guide, it should be manageable.

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