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Curtain Cleaning Curtain Cleaning 02 June 2014

One part of every domestic cleaning adventure that regularly gets left out is the curtains. Upholstery cleaning is a very important part of every house clean and the difference that clean curtains can make to a room is quite startling. Especially if your curtains are light in colour and not washed very frequently, it is easy to forget how bright and clean they once were until they are restored to their former glory and you suddenly remember why you chose that particular colour or style as it actually does complement your wallpaper to perfection and previously it was beginning to look a bit drab.When you clean your curtains, there are a few things which are worth bearing in mind; Start high: Just as with all your cleaning tasks, it is important to start at the top of the room and work down so that all the dust and dirt from other things can settle and get swept up last. Curtains are no different. See if you can dust them or at least try and lift the surface dirt while they are still hanging up and then hoover up this surface dirt when you do the floor.You might want to be easy on hoovering the curtains whilst they’re still hanging up unless you’ve got a lovely gentle hoover that you can count on to not get a bit of loose curtain fabric caught in its mouth and suck the whole thing down, wall fittings and all! It’s important to have clean curtains but they’re not worth trashing your whole room for. Plaster is considerably more difficult to clear up than average dust. Label: Unless you made your curtains yourself, treat them just like you would any new clothes. Make sure to read all the appropriate washing instructions. If your curtains are machine washable then you’ve struck a win. Your curtains are as easy to maintain as your bed sheets. Check the label to ensure they can be ironed. It’s important to make sure they are appropriately ironed and folded because they have to hang correctly when they are put back and presented on the wall. If they can only be handwashed; floor to ceiling curtains might prove a bit large and thick for your sink. Of course, if your machine has a hand wash setting then you’re alright, but if not – or you don’t trust the machine setting – then perhaps you might consider washing them in the bath. You’ll be able to get the appropriate surface area that way but it will require a lot of elbow grease. If you are hand washing then put some time into wringing out those curtains or make sure you do it on a nice warm, windy day or those curtains will never dry! Take Down: Make sure you’re careful with all your hooks, loops or other curtain fittings and fixtures when taking down the curtain. You don’t want to accidentally put any of your fixtures in the washing machine and damage it. By the same point, you don’t want to damage the curtain by being careless in the removal of your curtains. Finally, one thing that could easily be forgotten is that there are often fewer hooks than there are eyes so the curtain is hung in a way that is an even distribution. Perhaps you could photograph it the way that it hangs on the window and then perfectly replace it.So don’t neglect your curtains in your home cleaning adventures and make sure to take care with all aspects of your curtain clean so that your curtains can give your room that finishing sparkle it deserves.

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